Seminar Series


The seminars are held at the CBG where faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, staff, and visitors get together to share novel research about biodiversity at all biological levels, from genes to ecosystems. As the CBG is the birthplace of DNA barcoding, the Biodiversity Seminar Series often focuses on this theme, including new discoveries, discussions on its utility, and novel uses in other research areas. We hope that the discussion of ideas from both within and outside the Centre will foster collaborative thought and challenge conventional ways of thinking.

If you are a faculty member, postdoctoral fellow, graduate student, or visiting researcher and are interested in sharing your research in a 30-45 minute presentation at the Biodiversity Seminar Series please contact one of the coordinators listed below.

We accept submissions for talks on an ongoing basis.

Seminar Series Schedule (Winter 2018)

The current series comprises of talks that were presented at the recent 7th International Barcode of Life Conference in South Africa.

February 15th Sean Prosser University of Guelph DNA barcoding and wildlife enforcement: identification of animal and plant derivatives through high-throughput sequencing
Janet Topan University of Guelph Authentication of freshwater pearls using next-generation sequencing
Mehrdad Hajibabaei University of Guelph Scaling up DNA metabarcoding for large-scale spatiotemporal analysis of biodiversity
February 22nd Monica Young University of Guelph Exploring the diversity of Canadian mites with DNA barcodes
Jacopo D’Ercole University of Guelph DNA barcode library for North American butterflies
Mikko Pentinsaari University of Guelph DNA barcodes for Canadian beetles: high identification success and insights into the Holarctic fauna
March 1st Maria Kuzmina University of Guelph Finding the pond through the weeds: eDNA reveals under-estimated diversity of pondweeds (Potamogetonaceae) in Ontario
Michelle D’Souza University of Guelph High spatial and temporal turnover in the arthropod community of a tropical montane forest
Jarrett Philips University of Guelph Intraspecific sample size estimation for DNA barcoding: are current sampling levels enough?
March 8th Kara Layton University of Western Australia Diversity, phylogeny, and evolution of marine gastropods: insights into Australian and Antarctic fauna

Contact Us

The seminars usually take place on Thursdays from 12-1pm in the Visualization Theatre (1009 BIO) at the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics. We are accepting submissions for Winter 2018. Please contact one of the organizing committee, listed below: