Kruger Malaise Program

Malaise trap in the Savannah, statue of Kudu with locked antlers at Skukuza Kruger National Park and a silhouette of a male giraffe against the sunrise

Project Overview

Title: Kruger Malaise Program
CBG Units: Collections, International Development, Genomics, Informatics
Scope: A model to fast-track biodiversity assessment in national parks around the world
Stage: In Progress
Reach: 26 sites in the Kruger National Park


Project Details

The Kruger Malaise Program is examining patterns of variation in the species diversity and biomass of arthropod communities in the Kruger National Park, South Africa by coupling a year-long sampling program with subsequent DNA barcode analysis of the specimens. Malaise traps have been deployed at 26 sites in each section of the park, and weekly harvesting of the trap catches is underway.

This program is a collaboration between the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics, the Africa Centre for DNA Barcoding, and the Savanna and Arid Research Unit of South African National Parks.

Project Map

Map indicating 26 Malaise traps in Kruger National Park