Natural History Collections: Harvesting & Barcoding Workshop

NHCHB 2020 Workshop Presentations

Day 1-1 – Welcome & Harvesting Strategies and Logistics

Day 1-2 – Sample Harvesting in Natural History Collections

Day 1-3 – Specimen Digitization

Day 1-4 – Pre-lab Processing

Day 2-1 – Protocols for Natural History Collection Barcoding

Day 2-2 – Data Analysis and Archiving

Day 2-3 – New Developments and Future Directions

Day 2-4 – Workflow Overview and Open Discussion


Files to Accompany Workshop Presentations

Workflow Diagram


Taxon-Specific Protocols Table

Reference List


Other Files Provided

CCDB and BOLD Templates

Museum Templates

  • Specimen Removal Labels (XLS): Create label place holders for specimen removal from a museum collection. *Need to change the institution on loan to and the plate numbers accordingly.
  • DNA Barcode Labels (XLS): Labels to add to specimens that are tissue sampled on site to mark that they have been sampled for sequencing. *Need to update the sample ID accordingly.
  • Museum Data Entry (XLS): Spreadsheet to enter data while at the museum. The information will also be used by the museum for the loan invoice.



Other Presentations


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Lab Resources

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