Cheat Sheet

Bulleted Text

  • Click on the ‘toggle toolbar’ button at the top of the edit window to see more options
  • Remember, when copying tags you need to copy everything inside the <start> and </end> tags
  • So if you want to copy an entire row, you need everything within <tr> and </tr>
  • And copying an entire table is within <table> and </table>

Heading 3

Is for main section headings.

Heading 4

Is for sub-section headings.

Line Break

You can’t see the line breaks in Visual mode, so grab the code from the Text tab and paste between tables/sections.

Fancy Table Types

Table with Two Speakers on the Same Day

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
Oct 20 Amogelang Segwagwe Botswana College of Agriculture Special Tuesday Session
Prospects in updating the pest list of Botswana for WTO-SPS compliance
Rosina Segui Direccion Nacional de Medio Ambiente Biodiversity conservation management in Uruguay: context for the implementation of DNA Barcoding

Table with Speaker/Affiliation Merged

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
June 2 Peruvian Barcode of Life Network The adoption of DNA-based species identification approaches in Peru

Table with Speaker/Affiliation/Topic Merged

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic
Feb 26 Journal Club: ‘Ernst Mayr and the modern concept of species’, de Queiroz 2005, PNAS