The Centre for Biodiversity Genomics provides analytical support to its academic partners, government researchers, and private sector clients. Building on its expertise in field operations, molecular biology, and bioinformatics and strengthened by more than a decade of leadership in the DNA barcoding community, the CBG offers a wide range of services.

Sequencing Services

CCDB sample kits in front of HTS machines.

Our end-to-end DNA barcoding and other genomic solutions begin with user consultation and finish with a sample-to-answer workflow. All stages are completed in our core analytical facility, best known to its users as the Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding (CCDB).

The CCDB has the research infrastructure and expertise to support both discovery science and applied research. Whether your project involves assembling a barcode reference library or environmental assessment, our staff can complete every step from sampling and databasing to data generation and interpretation.

For every project – from a single sample to thousands of specimens, from high to low DNA concentrations, from single source to mixed samples, from biological traces to eDNA detection – we use conventional protocols and break-through patented techniques powered by liquid handling platforms and sequencing technologies from Sanger to second and third generation DNA sequencers.

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