International Development

Since 2005, the CBG has been host to hundreds of visitors from around the world, conducting overview tours of our high-throughput facility, hosting training seminars, and providing hands-on experience in the field of biodiversity genomics, particularly DNA barcoding. Researchers from the CBG have led several training workshops abroad and provided expert advice to our iBOL partners in setting up DNA barcoding workflows in their own facilities.


Research Training Program in DNA Barcoding

In 2014, the CBG launched a dedicated Research Training Program in DNA Barcoding which offers participants a comprehensive hands-on experience of the entire analytical chain from collection management, through core laboratory operations, to bioinformatics approaches. This four-week course also provides a detailed behind-the-scenes preview of standard operations of the Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding – the world’s first and largest barcoding facility. Finally, it gives participants an opportunity to meet with the Centre’s faculty, researchers, and core technical staff and discuss specific questions related to the DNA barcoding concept, methodology, and application.

For further details about the program, including the course curriculum and enrolment procedure, please click here.

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