Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To enable humanity to read biodiversity, and to show how this capability advances scientific and societal goals.

CBG's Mission and Vision

Our Mission



To remain a global leader in the development of DNA-based approaches for specimen identification and species discovery with a focus on multicellular life.

Collect and Index

To complete the inventory of all species by automating the analysis of biodiversity through the coupling of advanced DNA sequencing technologies with high performance computing.


Educate to Protect

To provide the information needed to better manage biodiversity with the goal of minimizing the loss of populations and species.

Support Global Science

To develop the international collaborations that will allow biodiversity science to establish and operate a Global Research Infrastructure.

Our Values

  • The CBG is committed to the transformation of biodiversity science and will achieve this by working closely with other researchers and research organizations.
  • The CBG is committed to advancing understanding of new approaches in biodiversity science through its involvement in educational and international development programs.
  • The CBG is committed to the professional advancement of its staff and to the strong integration of its Units.
  • The CBG is committed to advancing the scientific reputation of its home institution, its province, and its nation.