illuminate biodiversity to save our living planet
2019 – 2028

Logo: International Barcode of Life BIOSCAN

Our Mission

To illuminate biodiversity by developing globally accessible DNA-based systems to speed species discovery, probe species interactions, and track species dynamics

BIOSCAN is laying the foundation for a global biodiversity monitoring system and to explore its socio-economic implications. It will achieve its scientific goals by coupling a massive, strategic sampling campaign with technologies that have never been integrated and implemented at the scale required for planetary biosurveillance. 


Its work is made possible by recent advances in DNA sequencers and by the fact that species can be discerned with a tiny fraction of their genome. Until now, our capacity to leverage this approach into advanced understanding of ecosystem properties and societal implementation has been constrained by lack of cross-disciplinarity and limited data. 


BIOSCAN will break these barriers by developing cost-effective protocols that deliver biodiversity data at unprecedented speed and volume, and by applying this knowledge in diverse economic, policy, and regulatory contexts. 


This project is led by the International Barcode of Life (iBOL) Consortium.

BIOSCAN: a global scientific mission

Environmental change is driving species extinctions at an accelerating pace. If we are to curb these trajectories, we must be able to rapidly track changes in biodiversity on a planetary scale. Motivated by this urgent need, the International Barcode of Life Consortium activated BIOSCAN in June 2019. Coordinated from the CBG, BIOSCAN involves researchers and organizations from over 30 nations which share the goal of establishing an Earth observation system for biodiversity.

Revealing species, their interactions, and biodiversity baselines.