National Botanical Garden Malaise Programme: South Africa

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Our Mission

A model to fast-track biodiversity assessment in Botanical Gardens around the world


The project aims to develop a comprehensive inventory of Malaise-trappable arthropod species in all eleven South African National Botanic Gardens (NBG) by coupling a year-long sampling program with subsequent DNA barcode analysis of the specimens. Malaise traps will be deployed at 22 sites (two traps per NBG – one in the cultivated part of the garden, and the other in the non-cultivated part) followed by weekly harvesting of the trap catches

Issue 01

The Deployment Issue: The first of 4 Newsletters providing you an inside scoop of what is going on in the NBGMP.

Issue 02
The Data Edition: The second of 4 Newsletters providing you an insight on the data found in the first batch of sample sequenced by The CBG.

The third Issue is on the way…
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