Illuminating Canadian biodiversity with
DNA-based identification systems

Logo: BIOSCAN Canada

Our Mission

Enable high-throughput biosurveillance for all multicellular life and transform our capacity to manage biodiversity in Canada and worldwide.

Project Goals

BIOSCAN-Canada is catalyzing BIOSCAN’s success in each of these areas:

Species Discovery

Complete the registry of all multicellular life in Canada using DNA barcoding

Species Interactions

Reveal connections between species to understand biological communities

Biodiversity Baselines

Track changes in species distribution in response to ecosystem modifications


BIOSCAN-Canada aims to optimize protocols for DNA barcoding, symbiome analysis, and metabarcoding – tools that will increase the speed and scope of biodiversity analysis. These cost-effective methods will also increase the capacity of the CBG’s core facility and will be transferred to new core facilities in other countries to accelerate the work of BIOSCAN internationally.

Our work generates genomics-based biodiversity knowledge for ecosystems. It reveals new species and interactions among species that could help to mitigate and forecast economic impacts. BIOSCAN-Canada is also tracking how species are responding to environmental change.

We are developing a Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) system that incorporates genomics-based biodiversity knowledge co-produced with Indigenous Peoples. Our team fosters discussions to facilitate user-informed generation and dissemination of results. At the same time, the NCA framework will address policy relevance and access and benefits sharing related to digital sequence information.

Genomics benefitting society and nature