Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Our People

People lie at the heart of the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics. Their diverse cultures, backgrounds, and identities are essential to its success as a research organization. The CBG aims to provide every staff member with a welcoming, safe, and respectful workplace which enables the realization of their potential through individual and collaborative efforts. The CBG is committed to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) practices and principles which ensure that all personnel are fully engaged with equal opportunity and benefit.

CBG Celebrates International Women's Day, 2020
Above: The Centre for Biodiversity Genomics gathers to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, 2020.

Our Practices

The CBG has established an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee to support realization of the goals stated in its EDI Policy. This Committee oversees the EDI framework and ensures that organizational policies are fully implemented. The goal is to create an inclusive work culture where every individual feels safe, respected, included, and encouraged to contribute, and where everyone experiences a sense of belonging and thrives. We recognize that, due to systemic factors, some members of the Canadian community experience barriers to education, employment, and full participation. The CBG strives to contribute to the reduction of these barriers.

Our EDI Policy and framework will grow and evolve as we learn from each other and our collaborating communities on how best to work together in an equitable and respectful, authentic way. As such, the Policy is reviewed and revised on an annual basis.



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