The CBG includes five Service Units focused on DNA barcoding. Although researchers represent the core user community, the CBG ensures that its scientific capacity has broader influence, both in Canada and internationally.


The Analytics Unit of the CBG handles data validation, data quality assurance, research analytics and specimen digitization. The team works with researchers in the CBG to interpret and contextualize the large volumes of data generated by global efforts in DNA barcoding and metabarcoding.

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CBG - Collections


The Collections Unit handles all aspects of front-end specimen collection, processing, accession, and archiving. In addition to these tasks, it is involved in public outreach via its mobile collection lab – the BIObus – and participation in the Ontario BioBlitz, Guelph Bug Day, Nunavut Day, and other related events.

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CBG - Genomics


The Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding is the world premier core facility for high-throughput DNA barcoding, with a capacity for analyzing one million specimens per year and an active R&D department. Analytical services are provided in support of all stages of the DNA barcoding pipeline from molecular analysis to data management.

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CBG - Informatics


The Informatics Unit is responsible for fulfilling all computational and informatics needs of the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics, supporting researchers all over the globe. The team works to find innovative and integrated solutions for the needs of the global user base, and to develop strong informatics tools will help predict shifts in global biodiversity.

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CBG - Taxonomy


The Taxonomy Unit is responsible for curating the scientific names and taxonomic hierarchy on BOLD, along with validating and improving the taxonomic assignments of barcoded specimen records. These tasks are conducted in collaboration with external databases and experts, and the team is closely integrated with the other units, especially Collections and Informatics, to provide taxonomic expertise and support.

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