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The CBG Media and Communications Team uses an integrated approach to communications to promote the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics and the International Barcode of Life Consortium and share information with researchers, government, industry, donors, future and existing students, staff, faculty, alumni, colleagues at academic institutions around the world, and the general public. We work as a team to offer strategic communications planning advice on new research projects and programs, events, communications-related service for special projects – such as editing external marketing materials and websites, branding and design, creating and editing content for the Barcode Bulletin and the CBG internal newsletter, photography and videography services and more.

Contact Us

Please contact the CBG Media Team to initiate a new activity:
Please note: all filming and photography requests must be made in writing to All filming must follow the University of Guelph’s guidelines.

Our Service Areas

  • CBG Website Front page & news articles, and publications
  • iBOL Website Front page & news articles
  • ARCBIO Website
  • CBG’s internal staff newsletter
  • iBOL’s Barcode Bulletin
  • iBOL Bulletin Brief e-newsletter
  • Graphic Design & Brand Creation for presentations, events, marketing materials, and conferences
  • Videography
  • Donor/Funder creative report generation
  • Promotion of the CBG Seminar Series
  • Newsletter Editing
    • CBG Newsletter (CBG staff and collaborators 6x/year)
    • Barcode Bulletin (iBOL, DNA barcoding, biodiversity science community, stakeholders, general public updated with new stories each week)
    • iBOL Bulletin Brief (e-newsletter for iBOL community, research partners, stakeholders 6x/year)
  • Writing and Content Creation
    • iBOL News & Events
    • CBG News & Events
    • Barcode Bulletin
    • iBOL Bulletin Brief
    • University of Guelph News releases
    • Major Media publications
    • Industry Specific outlets and publications
  • Social media channels
    • Facebook (CBG & iBOL)
    • Twitter (CBG & iBOL)
    • YouTube – Live stream event opportunities (CBG & iBOL)
    • Instagram (iBOL)