iBOL 2017

Pre-Conference Workshop Resources

Workshop presentation

    1. Welcome and introduction – Natural History Collection Harvesting Strategies & Logistics (PDF)
    2. Sample Harvesting in Natural History Collections (PDF)
    3. Specimen Digitization (PDF)
    4. Pre-lab Processing (PDF)
    5. Standard Protocols for Natural History Collection Barcoding (PDF)
    6. Data Analysis and Archiving (PDF)
    7. New Developments in the lab (PDF)

Files provided

CCDB and BOLD Templates

Museum Templates

  • Specimen Removal Labels (XLS): Create label place holders for specimen removal from a museum collection. *Need to change the institution on loan to and the plate numbers accordingly.
  • DNA Barcode Labels (XLS): Labels to add to specimens that are tissue sampled on site to mark that they have been sampled for sequencing. *Need to update the sample ID accordingly.
  • Museum Data Entry (XLS): Spreadsheet to enter data while at the museum. The information will also be used by the museum for the loan invoice.




Lab resources


BOLD resources