Sampling Resources

Experts at the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics at the University of Guelph demonstrate how to prepare museum specimens for DNA Barcoding. 

This video makes use of the documents and protocols available for download below.

Museum Sampling Workflow

A workflow diagram showing the process of sampling, processing, DNA extraction, and doing data analysis and curation for museum specimens.

Files provided

Museum Templates

  • Museum Label Template (XLS): Create place holders labels for specimen removal from a museum collection, as well as DNA barcode labels to be added to specimens after sampling.
  • Museum Harvesting Tracking Sheet (XLS): Spreadsheet to enter auxiliary information (e.g cabinet and taxonomic info) while pulling specimens directly from the Collection.

CCDB and BOLD Templates



Additional Resources

iBOL 2017 Workshop Presentation

Other Presentations

Lab Resources

BOLD Resources


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